Creating Your Self-Care Regime

Happy Monday! I am thrilled to share my latest SELF-CARE Infographic with you! My prescription is 30-60 minutes a day of self-care activities.

This is all part of my new talk coming out in 2020 called The Diamond Edge: How To Get What You Want While Giving Yourself What You Need

If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with someone who needs the reminder to care for themselves.

Have a wonderful Monday, and an early Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Creating Your Self-Care Regime

  1. Thanks for creating this visual with all very important self-care reminders. I started charging my cell phone in the kitchen (instead of on the night stand in the bedroom) about a year ago and I don’t let the outside world in (including checking my phone) until I’ve finished my morning mindset routine. Some days, it’s hard not to “peek” at my phone or social media, but I feel so much better — and more focused — if I spend time with myself first. I use that time to review my vision and goals and to read, journal and think about all I have to be grateful for. I also try to practice your other tips throughout the day. Thank you again!

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