Tips and Techniques To Reduce Stress on National #StressAwarenessDay

Tips and Techniques To Reduce Stress on National #StressAwarenessDay

Kicked up my heels this morning for National #StressAwarenessDay at Global News!

Stress is real – you might have “good” stress or “eustress” (when you feel excited, and it can actually be interpreted as beneficial), acute stress (once the exam is over, you can relax), or chronic stress. The chronic stress is the stress that weighs heavy on us over time- like a stressful job or unhappy marriage. Chronic stress can be dangerous to our health as our bodies aren’t designed to handle constant stress.

As a certified life coach and certified yoga instructor, I shared some proven tips and techniques to help with stress management, but please know if it’s something that has become unmanageable for you, it is time to seek help.

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What I did not have time to cover this morning, was stressing over things we can’t control. We’ve heard that before, but let me give you an example. We can control studying harder for an exam, so we should absolutely work harder there. But, we CANNOT change traffic. If Waze tells us we are 14 minutes late for our meeting, we should try not to stress over it, or get road rage. I’m serious. We have to realize THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT, so we can choose to accept it. Ahh, now we can relax in our car instead of stress (or at least try to make peace with the fact!) You also cannot control someone else’s behavior, but you CAN control how you react to that behavior.

Catch my drift?

It is a pretty simple concept, but a powerful one.

I wish you a zen filled day. In preparation for this morning’s segment, I shared this on Instagram last night.


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Tomorrow is National #StressAwarenessDay. I am talking about it on @global_montreal @globalnews at 8:20am. A few early tips tonight which can help reduce stress based on science-based evidence are in this picture of my bedroom right now: Restorative sleep. I have two books I’m currently reading (self-care, hobbies), my diffuser is going with my amazing @sajewellness (tantric and rain forest) which is self-care for me, and I decluttered my nightstand (planning, organization and ending procrastination all help fight stress and overwhelm). Take the time to do the work and even create the mood for yourself. You hold the key that can start to unlock your wellness and happiness. I hope you practice 30-60 minutes of self-care tonight. That’s my daily prescription (which I’ll also be sharing tomorrow). Sleep tight, friends. ?

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Tips and Techniques To Reduce Stress on National #StressAwarenessDay

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