I’m Back! Sorta…

Hello my incredible ladies! It’s been a while…

I missed you.

So… I am working all my jobs (life coaching, weekly Global TV, preparing for fall talks, teaching yoga, brand work). In fact, here is yesterday’s Global TV segment on networking for moms. It’s packed with some good info, like how to nail your elevator pitch.

But I’m not quite back here… yet.


Because I don’t feel like I can give you what would meet my standards for a lifestyle blog, until school starts.

So, I’m working in my city, but will to come back to you in written form when the kids are off summer break, and when I can declutter my space, my life, and then my brain.

I do, after all, practice what I preach.

I'm Back! Sorta...

I love you all so much.

I can’t wait to catch up.

Until then, enjoy the heat. I sure am.

I'm Back! Sorta...

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