What’s The Trade Off: Money for Sanity?

If you haven’t read Google CFO Patrick Pichette’s retirement announcement on Google+ this week, please allow me to draw your attention to something quite beautiful and special.

Patrick Pichette, Google’s CFO for nearly seven years, has decided to change course. And he actually goes on and on for us about why he’s doing it. It’s insightful, candid, honest and thought provoking. He credits the leave in search of greater work/life balance (and well maybe, a mid life crisis of some sort).

Why do I feel like this topic is so beaten to death, but yet still never more relevant?

Read this, ladies.

Making Your Passion Your Paycheck

As a child, I always loved stones, beads and all things that sparkled. I used to take my mother’s hippie turquoise jewelry apart, only to put it back together, re-worked into a much better design… at least in my opinion. Years later, when it came time to choose a career, I pursued a master’s degree in social work. My interest in jewelry hadn’t exactly diminished, but I saw it more as a hobby at that time. Certainly not something one could have as a career.

My Weight Watchers Inspired Money Diet

I’m a Weight Watchers master. In 2003, I was 5’8? and 160 pounds — not exactly ideal for a 25-year-old single girl living in Manhattan. I spent three (!) years on Weight Watchers, and for two years, failed repeatedly. I obsessed over every drop of salad dressing and kernel of popcorn only to learn at my weekly meeting weigh-in that I’d gained half a pound. I quit multiple times, but would return months later with new resolve. Finally, in my third year, something clicked. I dropped 30 pounds in just six months.

Mad Money: Yay or Nay?

Did your mother ever tell you to keep some “mad money” around just in case? Mine did, and hers was in the bottom drawer, towards the back of her small jewelry box. Relatively speaking, it was not a lot of money. I believe it was anywhere between two and four hundred dollars, depending on the time of the year. But the important thing was that it was a secret from my dad. Even though she frequently dipped into this fund to buy the holiday and birthday gifts for my dad, she never told him it was there.

Women Would Rather Talk About Their Sex Life Than Their Finances

Women Would Rather Talk About Their Sex Life Than Their Finances

I was brought up to believe you never spend more than you have (ok dipping into my dad’s wallet sometimes helped!). I learned to save and make pretty good choices all things considered. Then I met my husband and from the time we started dating until the time we divorced, I allowed myself to make decisions that were NOT in the best interest of myself, nor my family.

Divorce is an eye opener for many women, for you get to see what you really are worth dollar wise $$$! You are required to put together your financial statements in order to do equalization. I always laughed and told my friends, the only person who truly knows a person’s worth are their lawyer and their accountant. Many people appear to be financially sound but aren’t.

Living Through Tough Economic Times

I’d like to be able to say that our family is among those that have emerged unscathed by the economic hardships being experienced by many these days. Unfortunately, I cannot.

Financial Strain Taking a Toll On Your Relationship

So if you feel yourself slipping further and further away from your partner, growing more angry and distant, stop and take a breath. Make a plan. And also remember, you’re not alone. Your best friend or neighbor could very well be in the same boat as you. Support is another amazing gift that comes to us in our darkest days.
Is financial strain taking a toll on your relationship?

Money Matters in Relationships

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind other peoples’ closed doors? Certainly, we all speculate on the nature of someone else’s marriage or relationship. It’s human nature to look at others and try to get a sense of what their world is like. We’re all guilty of it to some degree from time to time. For the most part we wonder whether or not they’re suitable and/or compatible partners, whether they share a mutual love, whether it’s the real deal or whether or not they entered into the union with an agenda. Regardless, I often wonder about something else entirely. Finances. Yes, the verbal or not so verbal financial arrangement between husbands and wives vis a vis their daily lives.

To Marry For Love Or Money...

To Marry For Love Or Money…

But if you would marry for money, my friends, you are not alone. A popular female survey yielded the astonishing result that one quarter of educated urban women, earning above a certain income, would marry for money.